Horse riding

Horseriding has been popular since ancient times, as horses have been used for many activities and needs, such as battles, transportations and sports. Nowadays, horseriding is an established sport, which includes horse racing, show jumping and dressage. Horseracing is a sport in which horses and riders take part in races on a flat course or over fences; showjumping involves horse and rider in jumping over fences, obstacles and water jumps; in dressage the horse and rider perform movements simulating a dance. As horseriding can be done in different environments, it offers you different and unique experiences and feels.

It is a great form of exercise, offering people health and fitness benefits and helping them to improve balance, posture, agility, joint mobility and develop muscles. It’s also an effective form of stress relief and it can envoled everybody, from children to aged people. To get in the mood, be sure to have the right equipment, apparel and shoes to feel safe and comfortable and engage in your sport activity.

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