Fly fishing

Fly Fishing is a technique for catching fish, as traditional fishing, but where the bait lays on the top of the water for fish. The idea is to appear to the fish as if an insect has landed on the top of the water. This sport allows you to enjoy beautiful places and outdoors environments, keeping focused on the techniques required to catch the fish.

Fly-fishing is one of the oldest methods of angling, dating back 15th and 16th centuries in Europe. Over time, it has been growing in popularity, developing innovative techniques and equipments to improve the activity and the result. From its beginnings, it was a fishing method used especially for catching salmon but then, with its evolution and improvement, it started to involve many different species, seeing also the appearence of saltwater fly-fishing. As a matter of fact, fly fishing can be practised in freshwater and saltwater alike: in freshwater it can be done in creeks, rivers, streams or lakes while in saltwater it is done especially in flats. It could be helpful to wade into the water to reach the places where fish may hold: to do so, it is important to use waterproof waders and wading jackets to keep you dry and warm, especially wading boots with performative soles to ensure you the best grip and mobility.

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