How grand and how important it would be to develop a sports brand that does it right? A brand that carries performance and sustainability in its DNA and that resists the excesses of its industry. Someone just has to do it.

Ok, let’s do it.


Finally, performance meets sustainability. We are the first sports brand in the world to manufacture all our running shoes, apparel and accessories with bio-based or recycled materials, certified carbon-neutral and with a transparent circular concept.



Performance or sustainability? The new WINQS Zerofly™ can do both.

Technology at your feet

The first carbon-neutral high-performance running shoe in the world, made from bio-based and recycled materials.
An ultra-light and sustainable running shoe, made with scrap rubber.


Running Shoes

Safety first

Among these the sole, developed exclusively by JV International under the Michelin brand for WINQS; ergonomically flexible, with a multidirectional cellular pattern for a perfect grip and gussets interspersed with channels that remove water and prevent from aquaplanning. The rear in raised rubber prevents slipping when planting the heel or running downhill.


Grip on Every Ground

Who should know better how to stay in control on slippery surfaces than Michelin. Together with the legendary tyre manufacturer we have developed the GeckoGrip™ Hybrid Rubber outsole.

Ergonomically flexible, treaded with a multi-directional cellular pattern for perfect grip, and interspersed with smart channels that remove water and prevent aquaplaning. The raised rubber heel also prevents unpleasant slipping when heel striking or running downhill. In the production of our soles, we use scrap rubber to reduce the need for new material.

Tread design provides adherence in both wet and dry road conditions
Interlocked tread design for constant contact with the ground
Large grooves for adaptability and flexibility
Shoulder and heel areas designed to ensure durability

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