TALAN Group Ukraine is leading manufacturer of safety shoes, military shoes, winter safety shoes and executive safety shoes in Ukraine. Factory located 230km from the capital, town: Romny, Sums’ka oblast. Ukraine is part of Eastern Europe. Our roots started in 1923. Our factory has a long history which brings us to great success. We have the capacity to manufacture 4 million pairs per year.


TALAN – the key to safety.



Since 1923 footwear for great missions

Technology at your feet
  • Upper – special fabric from complex untextured polyester threads, laminated with polyurethane foam and polyester felt on the back, Power Bumper Spider Black in the toe and back, Microfiber – black, light, has high vapor permeability,
  • Back – Power Bumper Spider Black, Microfiber – black, lightweight, has high vapor permeability
  • Tongue – Cordura – durable fabric with high breathability and water repellency. Very lightweight yet highly durable. Microfiber – black, lightweight, has high vapor permeability
  • WINCH Fit System – a patented system of steel cord, nylon guides and mechanical reel, saves time. Resistant to dirt, water and ice. Fast and comfortable one-handed operation. WINCH System guarantees maximum durability, reliability and strength
  • Outsole MICHELIN – two-layer PU-Rubber – equipped with a combination of specially developed rubber compounds and unique technical design. Suitable for all weather conditions and any environment
  • Membrane ePTFE – waterproof three-layer membrane (knitted fabric, membrane, non-woven fabric), abrasion resistance more than 200,000 cycles, has high vapor permeability, allows excess heat to pass from the foot to the outside and protects against moisture penetration
  • Lining Spig Tex – textile material based on nylon, it protects and provides additional comfort.
  • AirBag – in the heel of the sole there is a shock-absorbing “cushion” with a constant pressure of 15 bar and made of special shock-absorbing AirBag fibers.
  • Insole- the main one is from the Maxflex kevlar material
  • Insock – the insert molded insole is complemented by soft Shock Absortion inserts at the anchor points of the foot, and a silicone insert in the heel part for more comfort when walking


The sole guarantees the following benefits




Sculpture design

Sculpture design provides traction and adherence.

Large grooves

The flex channels are designed to ensure adaptability and flexibility.

Rubber compound

Designed for professional outdoor use High abrasion resistance Antistatic and oil resistant

Toe & heel areas

The robust toe and heel areas are designed to ensure long-term durability

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