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Snowshoes are specialized outdoor gear for walking over snow. Their large footprint spreads the user’s weight out and allows them to travel largely on top of rather than through snow. Adjustable bindings attach them to appropriate winter footwear.

In the past, snowshoes were essential equipment for anyone dependent on travel in deep and frequent snowfall, such as fur trappers. They retain that role in areas where motorized vehicles cannot reach or are inconvenient to use. However, their greatest contemporary use is for recreation.

Snowshoeing is easy to learn and in appropriate conditions is a relatively safe and inexpensive recreational activity. However, doing so in icy, steep terrain requires both advanced skill and mountaineering-style pivoting-crampon snowshoes.

EVVO snowshoes are a technical innovation created in the heart of the Parc Natural du Pilat (42), designed for all snow-lovers.
The brand saw the light of day in 2017, led by Hervé Piron and Joel Varaine, both directors of MPI, a local company specialising in plastic injection moulding, accompanied by Olivier Reboullet, a designer passionate about sport. Together, they wanted to put the skills and expertise of their teams to the service of lovers of outdoor activities by offering them innovative and intuitive solutions.
EVVO wanted to give snowshoes a new turning point in their history. An overshoe in innovative fabric, easy to put on, offering protection and thermal comfort. An intuitive adjustment system facilitating its adjustment over any type of shoe. An ergonomic design certified by podologists for a natural stride. A unique light, silent sole, with true all-terrain grip developed in partnership with Michelin, guaranteeing adherence and durability.
An innovation which won the Observeur du Design label in 2019.



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