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Fly Fishing is a technique for catching fish, as traditional fishing, but where the bait lays on the top of the water for fish. The idea is to appear to the fish as if an insect has landed on the top of the water. This sport allows you to enjoy beautiful places and outdoors environments, keeping focused on the techniques required to catch the fish.

Fly-fishing is one of the oldest methods of angling, dating back 15th and 16th centuries in Europe. Over time, it has been growing in popularity, developing innovative techniques and equipments to improve the activity and the result. From its beginnings, it was a fishing method used especially for catching salmon but then, with its evolution and improvement, it started to involve many different species, seeing also the appearence of saltwater fly-fishing. As a matter of fact, fly fishing can be practised in freshwater and saltwater alike: in freshwater it can be done in creeks, rivers, streams or lakes while in saltwater it is done especially in flats. It could be helpful to wade into the water to reach the places where fish may hold: to do so, it is important to use waterproof waders and wading jackets to keep you dry and warm, especially wading boots with performative soles to ensure you the best grip and mobility.

Founded in 1856, we believe the most meaningful experiences are created by sharing the love of nature and being inspired by its endless possibilities. Orvis pioneered the mail order industry in the United States, operates more than 80 retail stores in the U.S and the U.K., and maintains a network of over 400 dealers worldwide as a trusted source of discovery and adventure in the natural world.

We promise to open the door to extraordinary outdoor experiences, and to protect nature by committing 5% of our pretax profits each year to conservation efforts worldwide.



In an industry-first collaborative effort with Michelin®


In an industry-first collaborative effort with Michelin®


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Vision Group has been in the forefront in development of fly fishing equipment for the European market and beyond since 1997. The origins of the company are in Northern Europe and it is clearly seen in the names of the products like Musta, Mycket Bra, Sisu, Abborre and etc..
Nowadays Vision has a wide range of products from clothing to hard gear in all price ranges. Both the staff and pro team consist of some of the most recognizable names in fly fishing. Vision has also been one of the first fly fishing companies to produce a wide variety of films on Youtube that has shaped the European fly fishing scene significantly. Fly TV is a production made in co-operation with Vision and a Swedish production company called Kanalgratis. These films are both instructive and entertaining.
Vision has been a big part of development of new ways to fly fish and introducing new species to target. For example pike fly fishing was something that a small amount of people enjoyed just 10-15 years ago. Vision played a big part of making this predator style fly fishing main stream.
Fly fishing is all about interacting with nature, observing it and in big part giving back. Whether it’s fishing itself or conserving waters so future generations can enjoy nature and the sport. Vision is playing its role and making all the efforts to be as green as possible. This means for example going away from plastic packaging and having a product range called Save The Natives. Part of the sales of these products go to the Save the Natives foundation donated annually to a selected project aiming to improve the conditions of endangered native trout and/or Atlantic salmon stocks in Europe.
Vision Group is based in Hyvinkää, Finland and has a worldwide network of distributors.



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