EVVO snowshoes are a technical innovation created in the heart of the Parc Natural du Pilat (42), designed for all snow-lovers.
The brand saw the light of day in 2017, led by Hervé Piron and Joel Varaine, both directors of MPI, a local company specialising in plastic injection moulding, accompanied by Olivier Reboullet, a designer passionate about sport. Together, they wanted to put the skills and expertise of their teams to the service of lovers of outdoor activities by offering them innovative and intuitive solutions.
EVVO wanted to give snowshoes a new turning point in their history. An overshoe in innovative fabric, easy to put on, offering protection and thermal comfort. An intuitive adjustment system facilitating its adjustment over any type of shoe. An ergonomic design certified by podologists for a natural stride. A unique light, silent sole, with true all-terrain grip developed in partnership with Michelin, guaranteeing adherence and durability.
An innovation which won the Observeur du Design label in 2019.


User experience, innovation, and quality are what drive the EVVO brand.

Taking a collaborative design approach, EVVO draws inspiration from the user experience to design ground-breaking, user-oriented products and services. Throughout the development phase, each prototype is tested by in-house staff, with support from seasoned professionals working in complementary fields, as well as a panel of users. Our highly-qualified staff strive to ensure quality of creation, design and production, according to a shared philosophy centred on user satisfaction.



A completely new alternative to classic snowshoes.

Technology at your feet

The EVVO snowshoeing features a Michelin rubber technical outsole that uses a unique geometric design to ensure consistency on a variety of terrains. Michelin engineers have once again channeled Michelin’s winter experience and technology to develop a product that works whether the terrain is windswept, hard or icy. The combination of foam and rubber helps reduce the noise often generated by this type of equipment to a minimum.


The ideal footwear for your mountain excursions

Safety first

EVVO snowshoes feature a powerhouse of technologies to help you walk naturally and smoothly on all types of winter terrain. They are light, adjustable and ergonomic.

If you leave the beaten path or find yourself in a difficult situation, the patented, tipless shape of the EVVO snowshoeing helps you walk naturally, saving energy in the snow. There is no need to lift your feet higher: EVVO snowshoeing move with your legs and curve around obstacles.



100% rubber sole developed with MICHELIN. The lamellar studs provide grip on snow, ice and all other non-snow surfaces. Possibility of nailing the soles with the Icespike kit.




Ergonomic walking

Patented ergonomic shape certified by podologists, lightness and flexibility of materials.


Light, flexible materials, double kick and hell adjustment system, intuitive to put on and adjust.

Thermal protection and acoustic comfort

Upper designed with MATRYX woven fabric for optimum water-proofing and breathability.


Made with foam and rubber offer thermal isolation and reduce of noise disturbance.


Spatula-free patented shape to retain a natural stride and save your energy, even in powdery snow.






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