Founded in 1885, Bates knows that behind every uniform there is a real person who is expected to do unbelievable things.  These men and women require the best footwear, with the best innovation and technology to keep them protected.




Grip and speed over any terrain. The next generation of tactical is here.

Technology at your feet

The new Rally Force working boots collection from Bates, designed with a MICHELIN sole is definitely your footwear choice if you need grip and speed over any terrain and want a tactical boot that’s built to last.

The outsole is the heart of a boot. Compound and tread design are the main ingredients, everybody knows the importance of Michelin as a tyre provider. Today, with the help of its licensee JV International, Michelin is strongly present in the footwear industry providing the best performing soles for more than 12 footwear segments, from outdoor sports to running, to work and safety and military. This is the reason why Bates chose Michelin for their new Rally Force footwear collection.


Tactical boots

Safety first

Oil-resistant and abrasion-resistant thanks to the exclusive Michelin® outsole, with central sculptures designed specifically for traction and adherence on different terrains thank to wider lug distribution, focusing on the consumers natural movements. The lateral sculptures are designed to enhance durability and flexibility and also the upper is made using durable and abrasion-resistant materials.

The Rally Force leaves you concentrated during action but allows you thanks to it’s cool and modern design and it’s incredible comfort to walk around once finished



The sole guarantees the following benefits




Central Sculptures

Central sculptures are designed specifically for traction and adherence on different terrains.

Lateral Sculptures

Lateral sculptures with sipings are designed for stability and durability.

Large Flex Channels

Tread spacing and flex channels for traction and adaptability.

Rubber Compound

Designed for professional outdoor use High abrasion resistance Antistatic and oil resistant

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